Financial Services

Inland Money Order Service:

Provides money remittance services to all localities of Bhutan. It takes about 2 to 7 days depending upon the distance between the Post Office and the payment.

Fax Money Order:

Offers the fastest and hassle free money order services within Bhutan as the money is transferred electronically.

eMoney Order (eMO):

Electronic Money Order (eMO) is essentially an electronic transmission of ordinary money orders and not a new service. This service facilitated unlimited money transmisiion bteween Bhutan and India with remittance up to Nu. 5,000 (Nu Five Thousand) per booking form

Western Union Money Trasnfer:

Under this service Bhutan Post in partnership with Western Union Money Transfer provide prompt, reliable and convenient express money remittance services to India only and from all countries except Bangladesh, India and Nepal.